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The story of Dos Taquitos

A letter from Pamela Salamanca

Carlos Salamanca, my father, came to the United States to study marine biology and paid his tuition by working in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant in Georgia. He noticed that the cooks would prepare food for themselves differently than they did for the menu. When Carlos tasted the kitchen food for the first time and saw how it was prepared, a passion for the Mexican culture and food was born. It was love at first bite! As he began to discover all the different colors, textures, and flavors, his passion only grew stronger. He traveled frequently to Mexico to learn more about the food, crafts and culture, and quickly became enchanted with everything this country had to offer. He decided to return to the States and open his own Mexican restaurant, where he could share with others all the new flavors he had learned about as well as the Mexican spirit he had acquired.

My father opened Dos Taquitos in 1991, when I was 3. I remember helping to paint chairs and decorate tables for this new restaurant that became a second family to me. Our restaurant has always been one big family, from our customers to the cooks and servers.

Now 24 years later, I have the privilege of moving our home to its new location 6101 Glenwood Avenue with my 2-year-old daughter, Natalia, who has been helping us paint chairs and walls (even some of her clothes!) and loving it every bit as much as I did when I was little, repeating this beautiful story.
We will always put all our love and effort into every experience you have with us


- Pamela

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Dos Taquitos in the news!
Que Pasa

The Joys of Dos Taquitos in Raleigh

Written by Curt Fields

The restaurant has been on the Raleigh scene for about 20 years, and it is easy to see why. It offers food that tastes authentic and fresh. It is part of the Salamanca family's collection of restaurants, and they obviously know what they're doing. Carlos Salamanca owns Dos Taquitos.

As a typical night progresses at Dos Taquitos, the noise level rises to match the visual din. Latin music plays throughout as diners chat and laugh, filling the place with an energetic, happy sound as bandana-wearing servers navigate between tables. The gravitational pull at the center of this bustling atmosphere is Dos Taquitos' food.

Throughout the menu, the dominating trait is freshness. Dipping into salsa and guacamole or biting into a piping hot empanada conjures visions of someone in the kitchen chopping fresh vegetables or marinating locally produced meat.

Leave room for dessert. The Miguelitos de Guayaba is an indulgent way to cap your meal. It features guava inside a crisp pastry alongside vanilla ice cream and guava sauce. The kitchen also has a nice touch with flan, sticking the landing on the texture, which is creamy, not rubbery.

Tom Bowen

The best Mexican restaurant in the Triangle in my opinion.

Zhanna Arbogast

Been there multiple times and always had excellent food and drinks

Terri Hansen Corsi

Amazing atmosphere!
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